EXIT IV – Equinox

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— Geplaatst in poëzie, vrij vers

(for Nikki V.
– trans­la­tion: Peter Mason)

EXIT IV – Equinox
Every time you go south,
I steel myself: don’t turn around,
Look ahead, don’t look back.

Once I did look back,
You laug­hed as you dan­ced out of the street,
Around the corner.

My sto­mach churned.
I clung
To the glim­mers of hope
That lay there, per­chance, on the ground.

Every time you go south,
The air cools.
The days darken.
The pulse slackens.
And the heart. The head confused.

But still: you go.
You come back ever
And you go again.

And you never stay for long.

Antony Oomen