Let­ter to Sena­tor Ber­nie Sanders

( Deze brief werd op 1 novem­ber 2020 gepu­bli­ceerd op Medium )   Open (Final) Let­ter to Sena­tor Ber­nie San­ders     Dear Sena­tor San­ders, Two days before your country’s already nerve-wrac­­king pre­si­den­tial elec­tion, the day that Ame­ri­cans face the […]

EXIT IX – Yes­ter­day, I saw you turn

(for J. S.)   EXIT IX – Yes­ter­day, I saw you turn     Yes­ter­day, I saw you turn around The cor­ner unin­ten­ti­o­nally Vir­tu­ally impos­si­ble: a life­time ago you ram­b­led away Lea­ving your flashy voice echo­ing inside my head I thought – no I […]

A bir­th­day song

A bir­th­day song     on your bir­th­day the birds sing a dis­tinc­tive tune, more lightly also slightly pro­foun­der a bir­th­day not a Facebook event some stuffs are more serious less fri­vo­lous a silent mor­ning in the city I con­tem­plate the ocean its concealed […]


No!     I refuse You won’t throw us off your buil­dings Nor drape your gar­ment of death Around me, I refuse I refuse to be your vic­tim I will not sur­ren­der to your Bomb belt nor to your relidi­ocy I refuse […]

Fee­ling the Bust – IV‑a/b

Fee­ling the Bust – IV‑a/b     IV‑a Take Ber­nie Sanders’s long las­ting flirta­tion with Daniel Ortega in the ‘80s. San­ders was invi­ted to the seventh anni­vers­ary of the San­di­ni­sta Revo­lu­tion in Mana­gua. By his own boas­ting account, he was […]

Fee­ling the Bust – III

Fee­ling the Bust – III     Loot­ing Funds. Money Laun­de­ring. Fraud. These ludi­crous accu­sa­ti­ons were what Jeff Wea­ver came up with to ‘expose’ the Clin­ton cam­paign. Of course nothing illegal was expo­sed, it was just ano­ther low in the smear […]

Fee­ling the Bust – I – II

Fee­ling the Bust – I – II     I The Ame­ri­can poli­ti­cal dis­course won’t cease to sur­prise and offend us. Its rhe­to­ric, the sha­me­les­sly show­ca­sed vanity, the blind hat­red, bla­tant miso­gyny and racism, it seems all so much more exaggerated, […]

Ber­nie goes to Rome – II

Ber­nie Goes to Rome – II     So His Holi­ness Pope Fran­cis briefly met with Sena­tor San­ders after all. ‘This mor­ning when I was lea­ving [to Greece ‑AO], Sena­tor San­ders was there, he had come to the con­ven­tion. He knew […]

Ber­nie goes to Rome – I

Ber­nie goes to Rome – I     Sena­tor Ber­nie Sanders’s unex­pec­ted visit to the Vati­can where he spoke at a con­fe­rence on social and eco­no­mic jus­tice, was quite an unor­tho­dox cam­paign move, to say the least. But to address ‘immo­ral […]

Something’s Berning – I

Something’s Berning – I     Many of my friends ‘feel the Bern’. I don’t, but I don’t think one needs to feel much in order to observe poli­tics. I’d pre­fer a rati­o­nal appro­ach over an emo­ti­o­nal one. ‘But you have […]

Heart attack

Heart attack     I had this dream: They’d wrap­ped your heart In transpa­rent foil Toyed it around as were it an Ame­ri­can foot­ball – throw and catch, Catch it if you can. You didn’t seem to mind much. I tried to catch it. Heart­less now You still […]

Hud­son River

Hud­son River     we love the sto­res on the Hud­son River sho­res or some­ti­mes clo­sed on solemn street cor­ners the obscure the for­got­ten objects showing their age out of reach, ah those long lazy win­ter days in that Dutch sum­mer when he took […]

EXIT V – Final Chord

(for Johan Oomen – trans­la­tion: Peter Mason)   EXIT V – Final Chord     Hands of the man Who always gree­ted spring With sim­ple words: The first sun is the best. Hands that put the sun in the sky. Soft hands rea­ching over a con­sole, Fingers […]

EXIT IV – Equinox

(for Nikki V. – trans­la­tion: Peter Mason)   EXIT IV – Equi­nox     Every time you go south, I steel myself: don’t turn around, Look ahead, don’t look back. Once I did look back, You laug­hed as you dan­ced out of the street, Around […]

EXIT III – Eclipse

(Trans­la­tion: Peter Mason)   EXIT III – Eclipse     What if I lay my forehead gently on yours And my whis­pe­ring thoughts drip into your soul? What if I hone my words on your stone thoughts, Wil­fully con­fu­sed? What then? Should you then […]

EXIT II – emer­g­ency confusion

EXIT II – emer­g­ency con­fu­sion     No won’t be yes We will not be me We will not be we Yes won’t be no. Yes I will open You will not enter I will exit No I won’t close. You come you go You wait You go I stay, say no. […]


(for Anja Eli­za­beth Alden, my daugh­ter)   Thirteen     I Having clim­bed the moun­tain of my child­hood Here I stand. On top. Taking a deep bre­ath and taking in. II Now spread your arms and look up and just […]

staying in touch with friends

staying in touch with friends     On the day Joseph Parsons pas­sed away, AOL Livestream sent out the fol­lo­wing facebook com­ment: ‘Joseph Parsons is using AOL Life­stream to orga­nize and stay in touch with friends.’ I like to believe […]