Upda­ted Sta­tus Update – thoughts on a seven-year itch

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Upda­ted Sta­tus Update – thoughts on a seven-year itch
I remem­ber very well star­ting my Face-book, Lee Heni­gan Alden being my first, only and best Facebook friend.

For seven years I’ve tried to make this an enter­tai­ning docu­ment, a chal­len­ging, bor­der­line fic­ti­o­nal, pro­vo­ca­tive and sty­li­sed repre­sen­ta­tion of a pos­si­ble life.

‘I don’t feel that it is neces­sary to know exactly what I am,’ to quote Fou­cault, ‘the main inte­rest in life and work is to become some­one that you were not in the beginning.’

Fou­cault: ‘If you knew when you began a book what you would say at the end, have the cou­rage to write it? What is true for wri­ting and for love rela­ti­ons­hips is true also for life. The game is worth­w­hile inso­far as we don’t know where it will end.’

Most of this has been a cheeky expres­sion of who I am or might be, not so much a jour­na­lis­tic docu­men­tary, rather a map­ping of the con­vo­lu­ti­ons of the mind. A semi-public auto-inves­ti­ga­ti­o­nal drill if you like.

Many moments have occur­red over the past seven years that I thought I’d bet­ter round it up, mainly when I got bored with myself in this weird paral­lel envi­ron­ment or my silly cra­vings for response.

Now that I no lon­ger care much about res­ponse rate or tokens of appre­ci­a­tion, I indeed intend to reach soon, at least for a long while, the moment that I leave this bizarre laby­rin­thine monu­ment for my daugh­ter Anja Alden in the first place, but in fact for eve­ry­one who’d care to wan­der around in the mys­te­rious and twi­sted depths and super­fi­ci­a­li­ties of my exis­tence, and find it worth their while.

Antony Oomen